. • . The Artist . • .

There has always been something indescribable churning deep inside of me that words fail to console; something that can only be expressed from behind my lens.  I consider myself a captor of our most precious and fleeting resource - moments.  I’m inspired by the raw essence of human nature and the art of translating it into visual imagery.  Over the years, my style has developed into something deeper and more profound; I aim to capture the heart, soul, and spirit of my subjects.  Most of my work is photographed on location, where my subjects are most connected to their environment.  Photography has led me to such incredible locations across the planet, places so wildly unfamiliar yet undeniably connected. I believe the elements of such dynamic and unrefined backgrounds deepens the dramatic level and emotional response one receives when engaging in my photography. 

Photography has literally been a dream come true; it’s given me a sense of purpose and belonging to this radically bizarre and magnificent world.  Mostly, after a decade of hard work and determination, it reminds me that this world can be exactly what you make of it.  

To be a photographer and travel the world—to be free, to explore, express, and emulate the simplest miracles of Mother Nature is not only a dream come true, but a privilege.